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Cherokee Rose

Our Facilities

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Our Place

Our commitment is to revive the legendary Cherokee Rose into the premier sporting clays destination in the country. We understand that excellence in every aspect is what sets the bar above the rest, and that’s just what we do. Our facilities offer pristine views in a clean and elegant setting. We utilize the best equipment and gear in the industry. We provide only the best in order to create the best experience for our clients to make their time truly meaningful.

124 Rolling Acres

Cherokee Rose has over 100 acres of beautiful, unique terrain for one-of-a-kind shooting, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else in the U.S.

Helice Ring

Cherokee Rose recently opened the first regulation Helice ring in the state of Georgia to complement our traditional sporting clays offerings.

2 Unique Courses

In rolling wooded hills with ponds and streams, Cherokee Rose holds two sporting clays courses and a 5-stand with over 60 brand-new Promatic traps. We have two covered pavilions, ideal for hosting events and large groups.

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Our Amenities

Cherokee Rose features two unique shooting courses that appeal to both beginners and experts alike. We also have a new regulation Helice ring. Helice is a shotgun sport that gives shooters a similar experience to hunting live birds with the propeller-driven targets called ZZ birds. Additionally, we have a covered 5-stand for warm-ups and private instruction.

We offer a wide array of amenities here at Cherokee Rose. We provide rental guns and ammo for purchase and have a fleet of golf carts to rent. We also have refreshments, snacks, and merchandise in our clubhouse, including gift cards.

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Golf cart rentals

Five Stand


RV Hookups

Creek Course

With 15 stations and four machines per station, the Creek Course has targets that can be enjoyed from beginner to expert. As our most popular course, the Creek offers something for everyone.

Rose Course

The Rose Course features more diverse targets that present unique challenges. Here the shots are longer and faster, making the Rose Course more challenging.